Membership Program


Join our community to enjoy exclusive monthly promotions code, special access to limited collections, track your membership programs and use your points you’ve collected for something you really love!  

To create your E-Card Account, you will only need a few minutes and it’s easier than ever.


With every purchase from 300.000VND in store, you are invited to join our Membership Program. Create your E-card right now with our Eugene Membership App! 

*If you haven’t signed up for our Membership Program

Step 1: Select your preferred language!

Step 2: Enter all mandatory fields (First name, last name, gender, email,…)

Step 3: Scan the given QR code to add your membership card and you are all set!

*If you already joined our Membership Program:

You are one step away! Contact our staff to add E-card to your phone! 


One big advantage of Eugene’s Membership Program is that you can easily create your account online. 

For new customers: start at step 1. 

For returning customers: please start at step 3.

Step 1: Click the icon in the top bar

Step 2: Type in your desired email address and then wait for our email 

Step 3: Log-in your account and change the given password to your secure password 

Step 4: Click the icon in the top bar. Choose the “Membership” section.

*If you are an iOS user:

Step 5: Click on “Add to Apple Wallet” or use your phone to scan the provided QR Code. 

*If you are an Android user:

Step 5: Download “Pass” on Google Play and use “Pass” to scan the given QR Code. 

That’s it! You’re done. Enjoy your new E-card immediately on any device of your choice! By creating E-card, you will automatically earn rewards for shopping (in-store and online) and loving Eugene! 


With Eugene Membership, you will receive various benefits: 

  1. Welcome offer: 10% off! 
  2. Collect points on all purchases in-store and online. For each purchase, we offer you 2% discount of the total bill to pay your next bill.
  3. Access the data and get access to the updates in real-time.
  4.  Receive exclusive vouchers, special members’ prices and offers.
  5. Pre-access to selected collection
  6. Digital receipts 
  7. For members with 1 Million points (*), your membership account will be upgraded to Premium.  Premium Members, privilege: 10% FOR ALL IN-STORE ORDERS.
  8. And many more!