About Us

At Eugene, we believe that the balance of life creates true beauty. This is why every small detail in Eugene’s products harmonizes with each other.

Consumers who go to Eugene don’t look specifically for one product, but for a simpler and more natural lifestyle. Our aim is to raise the standard of “enough” to the greatest extent possible. We hope with Eugene, you can convey the charming, calm person that you are without having to sacrifice beauty for comfort.

We are inspired by the performance of textures, the hues of nature and their ability to be intertwined with one another. We love how your bodies and the materials can melt into one, changing your perception and revealing more about your personalities.  Linen and its suppleness, lightness, durability and thermoregulatory qualities stands out from other fibers and materials. Silk, with its thousand years of history, is acclaimed for its smooth, lustrous texture that does not only offer a simple and elegant appearance but can also be flexible and multi-functional in daily uses.

Eugene’s design principle carries forward the aesthetics orientation of simplicity, emphasizing on the comfortability of the movements. We attempt to attain the “you-est” version of you vis-à-vis our lovingly hand-crafted and high-quality fabrics.

This is what Eugene is to us.

But, more importantly,

What is Eugene to you?

Here’s to the freshness of a newly bloomed flower. Here’s to the nostalgia when you think back on the good memories. Here’s to all the simple but very glorious pleasures of life. And yes, here’s to us.

Thank you for letting us be a part of each and every moment of your life. Be it during the cloudy and sunny parts of it, or during the calm and hectic moments. Please do know one thing: your company is ever so appreciated.